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BloggingGiant is the WordPress and Marketing blog resourceful site. This blog helps you to get the most out of it from Marketing and WordPress.

Our goal is to provide you easy-to-understand in-depth tutorials, free Ebooks, comparisons, and list post solutions for any problem that relates to WordPress and Marketing. We’ll help you to learn more about WordPress and Marketing, Such as how to get started with WordPress, how you can work effectively with it, how you boost the traffic of your blog, keyword research, and many more.

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We will share a blog every week, Such as guides, list posts, reviews, comparison, tips, and ticks. All the content slices will be well researched and easy to consume. So that you can one step closer to your fortune.


Visal Tyagi,

I am a WordPress SEO and Facebook Ads, Professional. I have been in this industry for the last five years and blogging since 2017. My first blog is digitalmarketinglearning.org, Which was closed because of some issues in hosting and professional life {Discuss Later}. After publishing several blog posts and gave answers on quora, I got a chance to be featured in the template monster blog (See it: https://www.templatemonster.com/blog/whom-to-follow-on-quora/). Here, I will share the genuine content about various slices of WordPress with Marketing and Reviews.


Paramjeet Singh,

I am a WordPress Professional and Programmer. I love to write and do operations on WordPress. I worked with WordPress and faced various types of obstacles in the job as a WordPress and SEO professional. I also try to start a marketing blog called (digitalsensivity.org) on SEO and WordPress, But it failed (Discuss later). In this blog, I will share easy-to-use tips and tricks about WordPress so that any non-technical person can use it efficiently, Such as theme design, which plugins you should use, forms, security, loading speed, etc.

paramjeet singh


We both started blogging together in 2016, But we were not working on the same blog, I had digitalmarketinglearning.com and paramjeet had goondigitalmarketing.com

Due to our job in the same industry, it was easier for us to learn deeply about marketing and WordPress. So far, things were going in our favor, But the day came, when we both lost our jobs. 

Due to some personal problems, We had to look for another job and got rejections. We had not touched our blog for the last 15 days, And we forget the date of renewal of web hosting. And now, we had nothing.

 In 2017, I started a blog (digitalmarketinglearning.blogspot.com), and a few months later, I migrated it to WordPress (digitalmarketinglearning.org). It also closed in the middle of 2018 because of some problems with hosting providers.

In January 2019, I started this blog in the partnership with paramjeet as a career. Where we share all do’s and don’ts, in WordPress and Marketing.

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