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How to Add Facebook Messenger to WordPress Website or Blog?

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If you want to communicate with your customers and want to improve your customer support. You should know about How to Add Facebook Messenger to WordPress website or blog?

Facebook Messenger will help you to communicate with your customers in free of cost. If you have not any budget for purchasing the live chat plugin then you can use Facebook Messenger to WordPress site or blog.

What is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is an application which is used for communication and send messages to others. Facebook Messenger application is free.

This application has 1.3 billion users and it has launched in 2008. At this time, Facebook declines the post reach then you should go for Messenger marketing to increase your sales and revenue.

Why Should You Use Facebook Messenger?

There are so many benefits of Facebook Messenger.

  • You can communicate with your customers.
  • The conversation is hidden from others.
  • You can do a live chat with your customers.
  • Messaging is easier and quicker.
  • You can run Facebook Messenger ads to get the traffic to your website or blog.
  • Expand your business with the help of Facebook Messenger Marketing.

How to Add Facebook Messenger to WordPress?

You should add Facebook Messenger to a WordPress site or blog. Here is the complete guide about How to Integrate Facebook Messenger to WordPress Site or Blog.

You can integrate Facebook Messenger to WordPress with the help of two methods.

  • With the help of the Messenger Customer Chat Plugin.
  • Without Plugin.

How to Add Facebook Messenger to WordPress with the help of Messenger Customer Chat Plugin?

Before adding Facebook Messenger to WordPress, you should have a Facebook business page.

Step 1: Open your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Go to Plugins and click on Add New.

Step 2: Install and Activate the Messenger Customer Chat Plugin.

Messenger Customer Chat

Step 3: You can see the Customer Chat option on the left-hand side of your Admin Dashboard. Click on Customer Chat.

Customer Chat

Step 4: It will ask you to set up the customer chat. Click on Set up customer chat.

Set Up Customer Chat

Step 5: After click in Setup Customer Chat, it will open a pop-up and ask you to log in to the Facebook account.

Facebook Signup

Step 6: It will ask you to Select Your Facebook Page.

Select Your Facebook Page

Then Select Your Facebook Page and Click on Continue.

Step 7: It will ask you for adding Messenger to your website. Click on Next.

Click on Next

Step 8: It will show the preview of your Messenger and you can change the language and set up your Welcome Message. Click on Next.

Change the Greeting Message

You can change the customer chat color after clicking on Next. It will show your chat.

Choose Your Color

After choosing the color then click on Finish.

Step 9: After clicking on Finish then it will show you the Thank You Message. Click on Done.

Thank You Message

Step 10: It will show you the Code Snippet and this code will automatically add by the plugin itself. Click on Save Changes.

Code Snippet Enabled

After this, it will show the Facebook Messenger Chat on your WordPress website or blog.

Messenger Chat

So your customers will log in through their Facebook Email Id and do the conversation with you. This is the best and no-cost method for you to communicate with your customers and visitors.

How to Add or Integrate Facebook Messenger to WordPress without Plugin?

If you do not want to add Facebook Messenger without plugin then you should know about How to Integrate Facebook Messenger to WordPress without Plugin.

Step 1: Login into Your Facebook Account and open your Facebook Business Page.

Facebook Signup

Step 2: Go to Settings of your Facebook business page and click on the Messenger Platform.

Step 3: Go to Messenger > Add Messenger to your Website.

Add Messenger to your website

Step 4: When you will click on Get Started then you will see a pop up to set up the facebook messenger to WordPress.

Click on Next

In the step, you can set up language and your Welcome Message for the customer. After set up, click on Next.

Change the Greeting Message

Step 5: You can set up the custom color of Facebook messenger. Click on Next.

Choose Your Color

Step 6: Facebook will provide the code to you. So Copy the Code from the clipboard. Copy the code and paste the code between <body></body> section.

Step 7: Go to Appearance and open the Editor. You will see the many files and open the Header ( header.php ) file.

Paste the code after the <body> tag.

Your Facebook Messenger Will appear on the website.

Messenger Chat

So this is the guide about How to Add Facebook Messenger to WordPress without Plugin.

You should apply any technique and add the messenger on your WordPress site. With the help of Messenger, you can do communication with your customers and visitors.


With the help of Facebook messenger, you can boost your marketing efforts. You should try Facebook Messenger to increase your blog traffic for a blog or website.

So you should integrate your Facebook Messenger and you can apply any of the techniques. The future of Facebook messenger is very bright and you should apply Facebook Messenger Marketing for your blog or business.

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