How to Setup Google Adsense Auto Ads for WordPress Blog?

Many Ads publishers face the problem to place the ads on their website. So Google introduced the Google Adsense Auto Ads for the ad publishers to set up ads automatically without any headache. So you should know about How to Setup Google Adsense Auto Ads for WordPress Blog.

Auto Ads will help you to set up the ads on the website automatically. You should use this feature if you are facing the problem regarding ad placement and optimization.

First, you should know about Adsense Auto Ads and the benefit of it for you.

What is Google Adsense Auto Ads?

Google Adsense Auto Ads is introduced on 21 February 2018 for every ad publisher. Adsense Auto Ads helps the publisher to place the ads anywhere on the website automatically.

Auto Ads will help you to increase your website revenue. Adsense Auto Ads will take the help of Artificial Intelligence to manage ad placement and optimization.

It will help the quality content creators and place the ads in the content according to its length. The machine learning system will help to make smart placement.

Benefits of Adsense Auto Ads:

  • It will help you to increase your website revenue with better ad placement and optimization.
  • Easy to use.
  • Use machine learning for ad placement. It means to serve the ads automatically in the content and website.
  • Reduce the Workload.
  • Paste the Adsense auto ads code once and it will do all the process automatically.

How to Set Up Adsense Auto Ads for WordPress Blog?

You can set up Adsense Auto Ads with the help of two best methods.

  1. Insert Auto Ads with the help of code.
  2. Insert Auto Ads without code.

Before inserting the code in WordPress, you should know about How to get Google Adsense Auto Ads code.

How to Get Adsense Auto Ads Code from Your Account?

We will use Global Settings for the WordPress blog here.

Step 1: Login into Your Adsense Account.

Step 2: Go to Ads> Overview >By Site.


Step 3: Click on Edit.

All Sites

Step 4: Edit the Site Settings and Enable the Auto Ads.

Select the ad types you want to enable with Auto Ads.

Here you can enable or disable In-Page Ads, Matched Content, Vignette and Anchor Ads for your website.

Edit the Site Settings

Step 5: Click on Apply to Site.

Step 6: So your Auto Ads is now activated and It will provide you the Code. Click on Get Code.

Step 8: Copy the Auto Ads Code.

Copy the Code

Insert Auto Ads Code in WordPress Blog Without Plugin:

Step 1: Go to Appearance>Theme Editor.

Theme Editor

Step 2: Open the header.php file.

Header file

Step 3: Paste the Auto Ads Code after <head> tag.

Auto Ads Code in Header-File

Step 4: Save the header.php file

Adsense Auto Ad Code is inserted into WordPress successfully. It will show your ads immediately on WordPress.

Insert Auto Ads without Code (Using Advanced Ads Plugin)

Step 1: Go to Plugins>Add New.

Step 2: Search for Advanced Ads Plugin.

Step 3: Install and Activate the Advanced Ads Plugin.

Advanced Ads

Step 4: Go to Advanced Ads > Settings > Adsense.

Step 5: Put your Publisher Id in the Adsense Account section. Click on Connect to Adsense. It will ask for the Adsense Account Gmail Id.

Advanced Ads Access

Step 6: Click on Allow the Advanced Ads Access.

Allow the Advanced Ads Access

Step 7: Give the Access to Advanced Ads by Clicking on Allow. Copy the Confirmation Code from Adsense.

Success Code

Step 8: Paste the Code into Confirmation Code box which will give in Advanced Ads.

Submit the Code

Step 9: Enable Insert Header Code used for Verification and Auto Ads feature.

Step 10: Click on Submit Code.

Step 11: Click on Save Settings on this page which is present at the bottom of the page.

So your Adsense Auto Ads is set up with the help of Advanced Ads plugin. It will take 48 hours to show your ads on the WordPress website.

WordPress has another feature for mobile which is called AMP. AMP is called Accelerated Mobile Pages. Which will help you to load your website faster on Mobile devices?

How to Set Up AMP for WordPress Blog?

6 Best AMP Plugins for WordPress to Get Instant Loading

So, we will also discuss How to Set Up Auto Ads for AMP feature in WordPress. It will help if you are using AMP for your WordPress website or blog.

How to Set Up Auto Ads for AMP?

Adsense Auto Ads set up is different and in this procedure, you will paste the two different codes. First, you should know about How to get the Auto Ads code for AMP and then code the insertion process.

How to Get Adsense Auto Ads Code for AMP?

Step 1: Login into your Google Adsense Account.

Step 2: Go to Ads > Overview > By Site.


Step 3: Click on AMP is Off in the right side.

Step 4: Turn on the Adsense Auto Ads for AMP.

Turn on Adsense Auto Ads for AMP

Step 5: Copy the Script and Ad Code both separately in notepad.

Copy both Codes

After this, you will paste both Script and Ad Code in the head and footer of AMP.

Insert Adsense Auto Ads Code in AMP:

Step 1: Go to Plugins > Add New.

Step 2: Install and Activate the AMP for WP Plugin.

AMP for WP

Step 3: Go to AMP > Settings > Advance Settings.

Advance Settings

Step 4: Paste the given script in step 2 of Auto Ads for AMP in Enter HTML in Head section.

Step 5: Paste the Ad Code in step 3 of Auto Ads for AMP in Enter HTML in Body section.

Step 6: Click on Save Changes.

Auto Ads Code is successfully installed on AMP. It will take 20 minutes to show your Auto Ads on AMP.

This is the complete guide about How to Set Up Adsense Auto Ads for WordPress and AMP. We cover adding Auto Ads to AMP because it is part of WordPress.


With the help of this guide, you can easily set up AdSense Auto Ads for WordPress blog or the AMP feature. If you are facing the problem regarding ad placement and optimization then you should use Auto Ads for your WordPress blog.

We also use Adsense Auto Ads for our blog Blogging Giant. Which is helping us to grow our revenue. Implement Auto Ads for your blog and tell us about your experience.

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