6 Best Guest Author WordPress Plugins to Manage Multi-Author Blogs

If anyone wants to contribute on your blog with a valuable post then you will have to mention their profile on the guest post. So you can easily mention the contributor profile through the Guest Author WordPress Plugin.

Because WordPress Guest Author Plugin will help you to mention the contributor profile with their images, website, name, and description.

Guest Post is the win-win situation for both the contributor and blog owner. Because the blog owner will get a quality post while the contributor will get traffic.

If you do not want to post guest author blog directly and want to post their content by yourself then you will need guest author WordPress plugins. These plugins will help you to show the guest author profile instead of yours.

You will get two options on the right side. One is the user and the second is Guest. In the Guest option, you can put the guest blogger name, image, website and profile description.

So there are various free and paid guest author WordPress plugins available that will help you to mention the contributor profile with image, name, website, and profile description.

Top 6 Free and Paid Guest Author WordPress Plugins in 2020

Here is the list of best guest Author plugins for WordPress that will help you to show the contributor profile in the guest post.

1. Guest Author

Guest Author will help you to add guest author profiles without registration in your WordPress blog. This plugin has above 2K active installations.

Guest Author

Features of Guest Author WordPress Plugin:

  • Easily show guest author profile on your WordPress blog.
  • You can upload guest author images.
  • Shows contributor or guest author profile as a regular author.
  • You can show the author’s name, description, and website easily.
  • You can easily link the Author Name with a Custom website or blog.

So Guest Author plugin will help you to show the contributor or guest profile by filling some details in the post without WordPress registration.

Price: Free

2. (Simply) Guest Author Name

(Simply) Guest Author Name will help you to override the name with guest author-name and also link the Author with website or blog link. This plugin has above 4K active installations.

(Simply) Guest Author Name

Features of (Simply) Guest Author Name Plugin:

  • Easily add author to Post with the author’s blog link.
  • You can link contributor avatar with the link.
  • Easily upload guest author images.
  • You can easily add guest authors to custom pages and posts.
  • It shows the guest author profile in an author box.
  • You can filter guest author posts.
  • It supports author lists and shortcodes.
  • This plugin supports to Elementor author archives.
  • You can edit guest author posts in bulk.

So you can use this plugin for your WordPress blog to show multiple author blogs. This is completely a free guest author WordPress plugin.

Price: Free

3. Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box will help you to show the Website owner and Guest Author Bio in WordPress Posts and Pages.

Simple Author Box

Features of Simple Author Box plugin:

  • It will show the author’s bio profile with social media icons.
  • You can show the Guest Author in your WordPress blog in the Pro version.
  • You can open your Author or guest author bio link in a new tab in the Pro version.
  • This plugin supports the RTL and AMP version.
  • You can show the most popular author of your WordPress blog.
  • You can show complete guest author profiles with images, descriptions, websites, and social media icons in the premium version.

This plugin will show the blog author bio in the free version. For showing the guest author with complete bio, you will have to purchase this plugin.

So Simple Author Box is a premium guest author WordPress plugin to show multiple authors and guest author profiles.

Price: Paid

4. PublishPress Authors

PublishPress Authors will help you to show co-authors, multiple authors, and guest authors on your WordPress blog. So you can display website owner author bio and guest author bio easily.

This plugin has above 200 active installations.

PublishPress Authors

Features of PublishPress Authors Plugin:

  • You can show multiple authors and coauthor for a single post.
  • It will show the author’s profile in the right sidebar and posts.
  • You can add a guest author without registration.
  • You can show multiple guest authors with blog archives.
  • This plugin will help you to use custom fields and layouts in the premium version.

For adding multiple authors, permissions, revisions, and capabilities, you will have to purchase this plugin. You can show more customized layouts in the pro version.

Price: Free

5. Molongui Authorship

Molongui Authorship will help you to show the guest author, website owner, and co-author profiles in a box with an avatar. This plugin has above 1K active installations.

Molongui Authorship

Features of Molongui Authorship Plugin:

  • You can add guest author, blog author, and co-authors easily.
  • You can show the guest author profile in the different layouts.
  • This plugin is responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • You can show 70+ social media icons with your guest author profile.
  • You can customize your Guest Author layout with live preview.

So with the help of this plugin, you can easily show your guest author profile with social media accounts.

If you want to show more customized layouts and social media icons you will have to purchase this plugin. Otherwise, the free version is enough for you to show your guest author profiles.

Price: Freemium

6. Co-Author Plus

Co-Author Plus will help you to add multiple authors and guest authors as well. This plugin has above 30K active installations.

Co-Author Plus

Features of Co-Author WordPress Plugin:

  • You can add the guest author with the help of this plugin.
  • You can show or hide the guest author profiles from the posts and pages.
  • It will help you to show the guest author information without registration.
  • You can also show your blog author’s profiles also.
  • The co-Author has permission to edit and publish the content while the contributor can only edit the post.

So you can use this plugin for showing the guest author profile on their post. It is a free guest author WordPress plugin.

Price: Free

So these are the best guest author WordPress plugins that will help you to show guest author profiles on the guest post.

If you are not accepting guest posts directly and post the guest author post yourself then these plugins are the right match for showing guest author profiles.


If you have a multi-author blog and post the guest author content directly by you then you can use these top guest author WordPress plugins.

We recommend you use the Guest Author Plugin. Because we are accepting guest posts from various writers and guest authors. We put their complete author profile using this WordPress Guest Author plugin.

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