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How to Add Ads.txt Adsense File in WordPress Blog to Save Your Earnings?

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Google has made ads.txt Adsense file is necessary because of the online ad frauds. If you are an Adsense user then you will see that Google sends you the message that adds ads.txt file otherwise your earnings at risk. So we will tell you about What is Ads.txt File and How to Add Ads.txt Adsense File in WordPress.

We also cover that How to Insert Ads.txt Adsense File in WordPress with the help of plugin and about Ads.txt WordPress Plugins.

What is Ads.Txt File in Adsense?

Ads.txt file is introduced in June 2017 by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Ads.txt file is a list of Authorised Digital Sellers (ADS). They are authorized to sell a website’s ads inventory.

Domain spoofing problem is increasing in programmatic advertising and programmatic ads fraud is increasing due to this activity. So the main goal of this file is to provide more confidence to the buyer through their purchase.

So Ads.Txt file helps to stop these types of frauds. Ads.txt file will give you more control over who allows selling the ads on your website. Adsense and other ad networks use the ads.txt file to stop the online ads fraud.

Any website can use ads.txt file and Ads.txt file contains the following information.

  • Domain Name of Advertising System (Ad Exchange).
  • Publisher Account Id.
  • Type of Relationship.
  • Type of Inventory.

Ads.txt file has the following format.

google.com, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

In this example, google.com has been authorized to display the ads. Publisher id is 0000000000000000 has a direct relationship with this website. In the end, you will see the type of inventory that is used by the website.

Ads.txt Example:

There are many websites that are using the ads.txt file to reduce the online ad frauds. You can see your ads.txt file with the following example.


Here www.example.com is your domain. You will see when you add this file to your website.

How to Create Ads.txt Adsense File?

Step 1: Sign in your Google Adsense Account.

Step 2: You will see Earnings at risk Messages. Click on Fix Now.

Fix Now

Step 3: When you will click on Fix Now then it will ask you to download the file. It will automatically create your ads.txt file. Click on Download and it gives your Ads.txt file.


Create ads.txt file and put the following code into the ads.txt file.

google.com, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Replace your publisher id with 0000000000000000.

Ads.txt file

So this is the guide about How to Create Ads.txt Adsense file for your WordPress Blog. If you will download this file then upload it into your WordPress website root directory through cPanel.

How to Add Ads.txt Adsense File in WordPress Blog?

There are two methods to add the ads.txt Adsense file.

1. Add Ads.txt Adsense file without Plugin (or through cPanel).

2. With the help of ads.txt manager WordPress Plugin.

Method 1:

How to Add Ads.txt Adsense file in WordPress without a plugin (through cPanel)?

Step 1: Login into your WordPress website cPanel.

Step 2: Go to File Manager and open public_html.


Step 3: Click on Upload. It will ask you to upload the file.


Step 4: Click on Select file and it will successfully upload your Ads.txt Adsense File in cPanel.

Upload ads.txt file

You will see your ads.txt file in the public_html folder. Put ads.txt after your website URL. It will successfully show your ads.txt file.

ads.txt file in root folder

If you want to see your ads.txt file then put ads.txt after your website or blog homepage like this.


So this is the first method, How to Add Ads.txt file to WordPress through cPanel.

Method 2:

How to Insert Ads.txt Adsense File to WordPress Blog by Plugin?

Step 1: Login into WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Step 2: Go to Plugins. Click on Add New.

Step 3: Install and Activate the Ads.txt Manager Plugin.

Ads.txt Manager

Step 4: Go to Settings and Click on Ads.txt.


Step 5: Open the Ads.txt file which you have downloaded from Google Adsense. Copy the code which is present in the Ads.txt file.

Step 6: Put the Code in Manage Ads.txt and click on Save Changes. It will show the message that your Ads.txt is saved.

Put Ads.txt Code

Step 6: Click on Save Changes.

After saving the file, put ads.txt after your website URL. You will see that the ads.txt file is successfully uploaded.

This is the second method, how to insert ads.txt file in WordPress Blog.

Note: Your Adsense Earning at risk message will remove after 24 hours when you will upload the ads.txt file.

This is the complete guide about adding the ads.txt file in WordPress with or without a plugin.

There are many plugins that will help you to save your ads.txt file in WordPress.

5 Best Ads.txt WordPress Plugins in 2020

If you want to save your time and don’t want to upload the ads.txt file through cPanel. So these are the 5 Best Ads.txt Manager WordPress Plugins for you.

1. Ads.txt Manager:

Ads.txt Manager will help you to create, manage and validate the ads.txt file for your WordPress blog. This plugin has above 40K active installations.

Ads.txt Manager

There are many features in this plugin.

  • You can easily put your ads.txt code and it will create ads.txt for you easily.
  • It requires WordPress Version 4.9.
  • This plugin requires PHP version 5.3+.
  • It will manage your ads.txt file easily.
  • Rewrites are necessary for ads.txt file.
  • It is free for all.
  • Easy to use.

So use this plugin for creating and manage your ads.txt Google AdSense file.

Price: Free

2. Ads.txt Admin:

Ads.txt Admin is a simple tool that will help you to manage your Ads.txt file from the WordPress Admin Dashboard. It has above 1k active installations.

Ads.txt Admin

There are many features available in this plugin.

  • It will help you to create the ads.txt file.
  • You can add new sellers and resellers with the help of their easy to use form.
  • Manage all your sellers and resellers with the help of this plugin.
  • You can preview all the changes.
  • It works with WordPress Multisite.
  • You can save, delete and edit the ads.txt details in real-time.
  • It is an open-source platform.

Price: Free

3. Ads.txt:

Ads.txt will help you to edit your ads.txt file and validate all your ad network partners. This plugin has above 300 active installations.

Ads.txt WordPress Plugin

There are many features available in this plugin.

  • Easy to use Interface.
  • You can edit the ads file.
  • Validate each ad network for your website.
  • It is an open-source platform.

Price: Free

4. Ads.txt Publisher:

Ads.txt Publisher will help you to generate, edit, publish and validate the ads.txt file for WordPress. It has above 400 active installations.

Ads.txt Publisher

There are the following features available in this plugin.

  • You can easily create, edit and manage your ads.txt file.
  • It requires PHP version 5.3+.
  • Also, it requires WordPress Version 4.9.
  • It does not support WordPress Multisite.
  • Rewrites are necessary.
  • Open Source Platform.

Price: Free

5. ads.txt for WordPress:

ads.txt for WordPress will help you to integrate your ads.txt to WordPress blog. This plugin has above 400 active installations.

It will easily create the ads.txt file for your WordPress Blog. You can easily manage your ads.txt file through this plugin. It is an open-source platform.

Price: Free

So these are the 5 top Ads.txt WordPress Plugin for your blog. You can use any of the plugins to create and manage your Ads.txt Adsense File.


In this article, you have learned about Ads.txt file and How to create and add ads.txt file to WordPress. We also discussed the plugins also. If you have seen the warning message in your Google Adsense then fix this problem early.

When you will implement ads.txt technique then you will get control over your ads. It will help you and your advertisers to save from the online ad frauds.

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