How to Add Disqus to WordPress Post for Avoiding the Comment Spam?

If your website is getting more spam comments on the WordPress posts and you want to find the solution to save your website from spam comments then you should know about How to Add Disqus to WordPress Post.

It is the best solution for your WordPress blog or website because it will show the Disqus profile in the comment system and no one can put spammy links in their profile.

You can approve or moderate the user comments through Disqus. Users can also log in through other social media profiles. So you should use Disqus Comment System in WordPress blog website.

What is Disqus?

Disqus is a blog commenting system service for the website. It is a third party comment service website. It has launched on 30 October 2007. Disqus uses social media integration, user profiles, spam and moderation tools, email notification and mobile commenting, etc.

Disqus will increase the engagement power in the comment system. You can use this tool for your WordPress Blog Post to increase engagement.

Reasons for Using the Disqus:

  1. Avoid Comment Spamming.
  2. Increase Engagement Power.
  3. It will use the Disqus User Profile.
  4. Social Media Integration and Analytics is available for comments.
  5. You can also monetize your comment engagement.

So you should know about How to Integrate the Disqus Comment System with WordPress from Spam comments.

How to Add Disqus to WordPress Post?

First, you should sign up for the Disqus account then the Installation process is easy. If you do the signup process and installation process together then it is difficult to understand.

How to Sign Up in the Disqus Comment System?

Step 1: Go to Disqus and Sign up with your Gmail id or Social Media Profiles.

Step 2: After Signup, it will ask what do you want to do with the help of Disqus.

Signup in Disqus

It will give you two options.

  1. Comment
  2. Install Disqus on Website.

Choose the second option, I want to install Disqus on my Site.

Install Disqus

Step 3: After choosing the second option, it will ask you to put your website Name and Category. Put your Website Name and Choose the Category. Click on Create Site.

Create a New Site

After creating a new site, It will ask you to choose the plan.

Step 4: Select the Basic Plan. Because it has also a premium plan.

After choosing the plan, Go to Your WordPress Admin Dashboard and do the installation process.

How to Install Disqus Comment System in WordPress using the Disqus Plugin?

How to Install Disqus on WordPress

Step 1: Go to Plugins>Add New.

Add New Plugin

Step 2: Install and Activate the Disqus Comment System.

Disqus Comment System

You will find a separate option of Disqus on the left side of the WordPress Admin Dashboard. Click on Disqus.

Step 3: It will ask you to have a Disqus account or not in Automatic Installation.

Automatic Installation

Click on Yes.

Step 4: Click on WordPress Installation Page.

WordPress Installation Page

Step 5: After clicking on the WordPress Installation Page, it will ask you to Choose Your Site. So Choose your Site.

Please Choose a Site

After choosing a website, it will ask you for the token code in WordPress Install Instruction on the Disqus website.

Step 5: Go to Automatic installation in Disqus Comment System and Copy the token code.

Step 6: Paste the token code into WordPress Install Instruction on the Disqus website.

Installation Token

Step 7: After pasting the token, click on Install (short name) on your site. Which is in blue color and present below the token code.

It will give you the Site Updated message and ask to configure the website.

Configure Disqus

Step 7: Click on Configure. In Configure, It will give your website details. You can fill your details which has not completed.

Step 8: Click on Complete Setup and Fill your details.

Complete Setup

Step 8: After Click on Complete Setup, it will show the thank you message and your installation is successfully finished.

Setup Complete

Disqus Comment System is successfully installed on your WordPress website or blog. The Disqus comments will show on your WordPress website like this:

Disqus Comments

How to Add Disqus Comment System to WordPress without Plugin?

If you want to install Disqus on WordPress with the help of code then there is a different process.

How to Add Disqus to WordPress using Tracking Code

First, you should follow the 4 steps of the Signup process. After choosing the plan, it will ask your platforms.

Step 1: In Select Platform, there are two options available.

  1. Choose Your platform.
  2. I do not see my platform listed, install manually with universal Code.

Click on I don’t see my platform listed, install manually with universal code.

Install Code Manually

It will provide you the Universal Code.

Step 2: Copy the Universal Code which will be given by Disqus.

Universal Code

Step 3: Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard, Add New Plugin Head, Footer and Post injections. Install and Activate the Head, Footer and Post Injections Plugin.

Header, Footer and Post Injections

You will find this plugin in Settings. Click on Header and Footer.

Headers and Footers

Step 4: Click on Posts. Paste the Universal Code in Desktop and Mobile section present in After the Post Content section. Save the Code.

Paste this Code After Post Content

Step 5: Go to Disqus and Click on Configure.

Step 6: It will send you the Congratulation message. Disqus is successfully added to your WordPress Posts.

Disqus Comments

This is the second method for adding the Disqus comment system to WordPress Posts.


With the help of this guide, you have learned about how to set up the Disqus Comment System for WordPress Posts. Now, you can add Disqus to WordPress with or without the plugin.

If you are getting spam comments then you should use this method to decrease the spam comments. You have got more spam comments then it will decrease your website credibility and you can lose your rankings.

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