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How to Setup & Change the Custom Permalinks or URL in WordPress

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Permalink or Custom URL Structure is important for your WordPress or any kind of website. Permalink will help you to get better rankings if they are SEO friendly. So you want to know about How to Setup or Change the Custom Permalinks Structure in WordPress.

First, you should know about What are Custom Permalinks and How to Setup Custom Permalinks or URL for your WordPress website or blog.

What are Custom Permalinks in WordPress?

Permalinks are the permanent link for your individual website page or blog post as well as for categories and tags also. A Permalink is the web address that is linked to your website content.

In WordPress, you can set the URL of your Webpage and Blog post according to yourself and create SEO Friendly Permalink. This is called the Custom Permalinks in WordPress.

So here are two conditions in WordPress to set up the permalinks.

a. You want to change the Permalinks for your WordPress Posts.

b. Change Permalinks for Your WordPress website Page.

How to Set Up & Change Permalinks in WordPress Website or Posts.

You can change the Permalinks for your WordPress Posts and Pages.

How to Set Up Permalinks for your WordPress Posts?

Step 1: Go to Settings and Click on Permalinks.

Permalinks in Settings

Step 2: You will see Permalink Settings for your blog posts. Here you can set up a permalink structure for your blog posts.

There is 6 Permalink Structure present in Common Settings of Permalink.

  • Plain
  • Day and name
  • Month and Name
  • Numeric
  • Post name
  • Custom Structure

a. Plain:

In Plain settings, URL Structure is like this:


This is by default structure. Do not use this structure and it does not count an SEO Friendly URL or Permalink for your website.

b. Day and Name:

In Day and name, if you want to use the Post date in permalink then you can choose this structure and Save the settings.

There is another condition that exists, if you have migrated your Blogger Website to WordPress and then you use the Post date in URL then you should choose this setting. Otherwise, your post will not show after migration.

This structure is like this.


If you are starting a WordPress website or blog and not migrating from anywhere then do not use this structure it will make your permalink structure long.

c. Month and name:

This is the third condition, if you want to use Month and Name in URL Structure then you can use this structure. You have migrated your website from blogger to WordPress then you should choose this URL structure and Save the settings..

The URL Structure is like this:


If you have not migrated and started a new WordPress blog or website then do not use this structure. it also makes your Website URL Structure long.

d. Numeric:

We do not recommend this structure and do not use this for your WordPress website or blog.

This structure is like this.


e. Post Name:

You should choose this permalink structure for your WordPress Blog Posts because this easy and not make the long URL for your WordPress Posts.

So choose this option for your Post permalinks and your Blog posts URL has shown like this.


After choosing this option then click on Save Changes. Your Post Permalink will set up and when will you do your Blog Post then your post URL Structure will show like this.

f. Custom Structure:

If you want to set up Custom Structure for your Blog post then choose this option. Here you can add month name, day, category, tags before the post URL then you can choose this structure for your blog post.

How to Add Categories in Permalink of WordPress Posts through Custom Structure?

In Custom Structure, there are many tags available. So add the category tag after your Website URL.

If you want to add a category in your WordPress Posts then choose the structure like this.


After choosing this structure then click on Save Changes.

Then your post URL has shown like this. Example:


So this is the complete process of How to Set Up Custom Permalinks for your WordPress Posts.

How to Change Custom Permalinks of Your WordPress Posts without Plugin?

When you will add new posts & pages in WordPress then you will see the Permalink setup option like this in Gutenberg Editor.

Step 1: Click on Title and it will ask you to Change the Permalink.

Step 2: By default, it will fetch the complete Title of your post. So Click on Slug showing after WordPress in Permalink and it will give you the option to change your Permalink.

Step 3:After Changing the slug then click on Save. So your permalink has changed and show like this.



If you do not want to apply this method then there is another way to change Custom Permalinks for your WordPress Posts. This is an easy method for changing the Permalinks.

In Gutenberg Editor, You have seen the Permalinks option in Document.

Go to Permalink and Change the URL according to your needs in the URL. Your URL preview has shown below the URL.

So this is the second option for changing the permalinks for your WordPress Posts.

How to Change the Custom Permalinks of WordPress Posts with the help of Plugin?

Step 1: If you have installed Yoast SEO then it will fetch your Title in Slug.

Step 2: Change the Slug and your URL has shown according to you.

in Snippet Preview of Yoast SEO, your URL Structure has shown like this.


After publishing a post, Your Post URL will show according to your setting.

So the complete process of How to Change Permalinks of Your WordPress Posts with or without plugins.

How to Change Custom Permalinks of WordPress Pages with or without Plugin?

There is not set up for pages in WordPress. If you want to change the WordPress Pages Custom Permalinks then the process is the same as Changing the WordPress Posts Permalinks. So follow the above steps which have given in Changing the Post Permalinks.

So this is the Complete Guide about Custom Permalink and How to Set Up or Change Custom Permalinks for Posts and Pages in WordPress.

When you will change the Custom Permalinks for your WordPress Posts then you will need the Redirection process for old permalink to new permalink.

How to do Redirects in WordPress: A Beginner Guide


If you are facing the problem of setting up and changing the URL Structure of your WordPress website or blog posts then follow this guide. Change the permalink structure of your posts or pages early. Process of Changing the Permalink Structure for Posts and Pages are the same.

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