How to Delete a Theme in WordPress : 3 Easy Ways for Removing

WordPress is the best Content Management System and has a theme or template to show your website design. The theme is necessary for a website. If your website takes more space and you want to delete unnecessary themes then this guide is for you. You should know about How to Delete a Theme in WordPress.

Before deleting a theme you should know about WordPress Theme Installation.

How to Install a Theme in WordPress: Ultimate Guide

The theme is necessary because it has made your website or blog attractive to users. So here we will tell you 2 best methods for WordPress Theme Deletion.

How to Delete a Theme in WordPress by 3 Easy Ways?

There are 2 easy ways to delete a WordPress Theme.

  • WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • You can also delete through cPanel.

First Method:

How to Delete WordPress Theme in WordPress Admin?

Step 1: Login into WordPress Admin Dashboard and Go to Appearance.

Step 2: Click Themes in Appearance.


Step 3: Click on the theme which do you want to delete?

Click on Theme

Step 4: When you will click on the theme (Here I will choose NewsMag theme) then there are four options are available in the bottom of themes and description.

  • Activate
  • Live Preview
  • Delete in Red Color

Click on Delete on the right side below the description.

Delete the Theme

Step 5: When you will click on Delete then it will delete your WordPress Theme.

So with the help of the WordPress Admin Dashboard, you can easily delete your WordPress Theme. So apply this method, if you have an unnecessary theme in your WordPress Admin.

Second Method:

How to Delete WordPress Theme through cPanel?

Step 1: Login into cPanel through username and password.

Step 2: Click File Manager in cPanel.

Files Manager

Step 3: Go to the public_html file under File Manager.


Step 5: In public_html file, you will see a wp-content folder. Click on the wp-content folder.


Step 6: After clicking on the wp-content folder, you will see the themes folder. Click on the themes folder.

themes in cPanel

Step 7: When you will go to the Themes folder then you will see your themes folders which you have installed on your website or blog.

Step 8: Select any theme then you will see the Delete option in cPanel. Click on Delete. After clicking on Delete, it will ask you for Confirmation.

Confirm the Plugin Deletion

After confirmation, it will delete your theme in cPanel.

So this is the second method for deleting a WordPress Theme.

Third Method:

How to Delete WordPress Theme using FTP?

FTP is File Transfer Protocol used for transferring the files. So you should use FTP to delete a theme.

Step 1: Go to FTP (FileZilla) and connect your FTP through Username, Password, Port No, FTP host URL. Click on QuickConnect.

FTP Login

Step 2: You will see two option, On the left side, you will see your desktop file and on the right side, you will see all the website files.

public_html File

Step 3: Go to the public_html file and choose the wp-content folder. Go to wp-content and Click on Themes.

wp-content folder in FileZilla

Step 4: You will see many themes in the Themes folder. Choose the theme which do you want to delete.

Themes in FileZilla

Step 5: Delete the theme and your theme will be deleted.

Choose the theme in FileZilla

This is the third method to delete a WordPress Theme.

So you should apply any of these methods to delete a WordPress theme.


By this guide, you have learned How to Delete a Theme in WordPress. You can apply any of the methods for theme deletion. We recommend you to use the first two methods.

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Tell us in a comment which method do you want to use.

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