How to Install Plugin in WordPress: A Simple Guide

Plugins are played an important role in WordPress. They will do the work easy for you to create a beautiful website for your users. So you should know about plugins and How to Install Plugin in WordPress.

What are Plugins in WordPress?

WordPress Plugins are the software that is used to automate the work on your WordPress website or blog. Plugins are designed in the PHP language.

Plugins are used to automate your work on the website and they will save your efforts and time. The Plugin will help you to create a better and user-friendly website. So use the plugin and get the most out of it.

How to Install Plugin in WordPress?

so here we tell you about How to Install Plugins in WordPress through WP-Admin or manually.

First Method:

How to Install a Plugin in WordPress directly through the Admin Dashboard?

Step 1: Login into WordPress Admin Dashboard through username and password.

Step 2: So you will see the Plugins section on the left of the Admin Dashboard.

Step 3: In the Plugins section you will see three options.

  • Installed Plugins (Where the plugins are installed?)
  • Add New (Search the new plugins and install them.)
  • Editor (Here you can edit the code of your plugins, This process is not necessary)

Step 4: Go to Plugins and click Add New.

Add New Plugin

Step 5: Search the plugin which do you want to install in WordPress.

In this case, we have searched the Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by Monster Insights.

Searchn MonsterInsights

Step 6: Click on Install Now. After Installation, you will ask to Activate the plugin for proper working.

Install Plugin

Step 7: Activate the plugin for proper working. After activated, the plugin is ready to use.

Activate Plugin

So this is the complete process for How to Add Plugins in WordPress directly in Admin Dashboard. If you want to install the free plugins this is the best method.

Second Method:

How to Install WordPress Plugins Manually through Zip File in WP-Admin?

Step 1: Go to WordPress.org and select the Plugins in Menu.

wordpress.org website

Step 2: After this search for the plugin which you want to install in your WordPress website.

Plugins Section

Step 3: We have searched the Yoast SEO plugin in this case. It will give you the other related plugins.

Search Plugin

Step 4: Click on Yoast SEO. Choose the first plugin which has more review and 5+ Million Active Installation.

Yoast SEO

Step 5: Click Download and a zip file will download.

Yoast SEO Plugin

Step 6: Go to Your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Select Plugins and click Add New.

Add New Plugin

Step 7: After this, You will not search the plugin. You will see the Upload Plugin on the right side of Add Plugins.

Step 8: Click Upload Plugin and it will ask you to upload the plugin zip file by selecting Choose File.

Upload Plugin

Step 9: After Choose the Zip file then click on Install Now.

Step 10: After successfully WordPress plugin installation it will ask you to Activate the plugin. So click Activate and your plugin will ready for work.

So these are the step for How to Install WordPress Plugin Manually. If you have the premium plugin, you can apply this method.

Third Method:

How to Add WordPress Plugins Manually through cPanel?

Step 1: Login into your cPanel through username and password.

Step 2: Go to File Manager in cPanel.

Files Manager

Step 3: In File Manager, open public_html file.


Step 4: When you will open the public_html file then you will see the wp-content folder. Open this folder by clicking.


Step 5: You will see the plugins folder in wp-content. Click Plugins.

Step 6: Click Upload and it will redirect you to the new page.


Step 8: Click Select file and upload your plugin Zip file.

Upload Plugins

Step 9: After completing 100% then go to the Plugin section and refresh the plugin folder. It will show you the Zip file.

Plugin Zip File

Step 10: Extract the Plugin Zip file by right-clicking. Your plugin folder will be shown and delete the zip file.

After Plugin Extraction

Step 11: Go to the Plugins section and Activate the plugin.

so your plugin will successfully installed. Use this method, when your plugin is of heavyweight.

So these are the three best methods of How to Install Plugin in WordPress using wp-admin, manually or through cPanel.


So you have known about How to Install a WordPress Plugin by three methods. You will apply any of the methods according to your needs. We have told you these methods because you do not trouble any kind of problem in Installation.

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