5 Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins for Web in 2019

Push Notifications are necessary for every website owner because it is the best method to generate traffic. If any visitor visits your website then he or she subscribes to your blog or website through push notifications. So you should know about 5 Best WordPress Push Notifications Plugin for Web & Mobile in 2019.

So you should use this technique for your WordPress or other types of websites.

5 Best WordPress Push Notifications Plugins in 2019

So here are the Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins for you.

1. OneSignal:

OneSignal is the Free WordPress Push Notifications Plugin. This plugin is used to increase engagement and traffic through desktop and mobile notifications. This plugin has above 1 Lakhs active installations.


So there are many features available in this plugin.

  • Easy to use and install.
  • You can send targeted push notifications.
  • Automatically send the push notification when your post is published.
  • No limit to send the push notifications.
  • Free up to 30K Subscribers.
  • It supports browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Microsoft, Opera. OneSignal supports both desktop and mobile.
  • You can do A/B Testing of the push notifications.
  • Scheduled Push Notifications.
  • You can see Real-time Analytics of your Push Notifications. It means you can see that your push notification is delivered, convert into visitors, etc.
  • Opt-in Customization is available. It means you can customize the push notifications.
  • It supports both HTTP and HTTPS.

So you should use this best push notification WordPress plugin for your WordPress website or blog to get traffic and engagement.

How to Setup Push Notifications for WordPress using OneSignal?

OneSignal is providing you enough features in Free Version.

Price: Free and Paid

2. Subscribers:

Subscribers send push notifications to the desktop browser like Chrome and Firefox. Your visitors will see the opt-in notifications for your website or blog. This plugin has above 7K active installations.


There are many features available in this plugin.

  • Send the Opt-in notifications.
  • Easy to use.
  • Send the push notifications after publishing a post.
  • Grow your traffic and engagement.
  • It supports Chome, Firefox and Safari browsers in Desktop and Mobile.
  • Subscribers support both HTTP & HTTPS website.
  • Higher open rate than emails.
  • It will show you the real-time tracking and reporting of push notifications.
  • No Limit for sending the push notifications in free accounts.
  • Communicate with your visitors or customers in real-time.
  • Free for 200 subscribers.

So you can use this WordPress Push Notification Plugin for your website.

Price: Free and Paid

3. PushEngage:

PushEngage will automatically send the push notifications during publishing the post in WordPress. This plugin has above 2K active installations.


There are many features available in this plugin.

  • Send Automatic Push Notifications at the time of publishing the post.
  • Easy to use.
  • It supports HTTP and HTTPS website both.
  • This plugin is supporting multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc on desktop and mobile both.
  • In Free Plan, you can send the push notifications to 2500 subscribers.
  • It supports several languages.
  • You can send automatic push notifications by fetching the RSS feed.
  • Schedule the Push Notifications.
  • It will provide a high open-rate than emails.
  • You can manage the different websites through one Push Engage Account.
  • Custom Segmentation and Automatic Segmentation is available.
  • You can send Card Abandonment Notification through this plugin.
  • It will show you the advanced analytics.

So you can use the free trial of this plugin for 15 days.

Price: Free and Paid

4. PushCrew:

PushCrew will help you to increase traffic, engagement, and revenue. It automatically inserts the PushCrew smart code on your WordPress website. this plugin has above 5K active installations.


There are many features available in this plugin.

  • You can send Rich Push Notifications means Title, Image, and Link is available in Rich Snippet.
  • Here you can do Segmentation of your push notifications.
  • You can send the Automated series of the message through the Behaviour Based Triggered Campaign. Which will help you to drive more conversions?
  • Send More Personalized Push notifications.
  • You can do A/B testing with experimentation.
  • Best Dashboard Management.
  • You can send push notifications through RSS feeds.
  • Manage multiple websites through one account.
  • Send Welcome notification.
  • GDPR Compliance.
  • It is Free up to 2000 subscribers.
  • Supports to HTTP & HTTPS.
  • Send Desktop and Mobile Chrome and other browsers Push notifications.
  • One-Click unsubscribe.

If you want to get a better experience then you should use this best WordPress Push Notifications Plugin. It is free up to 2000 subscribers.

Price: Free and Paid

5. Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite):

Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite) is used to send push notifications to the iOS and Android platforms at the time of publishing the post. This plugin has above 1K Active installations.

Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite)

There are many features available in this plugin.

  • Send the push notification to iOS and Android when publishing the post in WordPress.
  • Send Alert to your visitors when the new post is published.
  • Increase engagement and traffic.
  • You can send 1000 notifications per platform.
  • This plugin will send instant push notifications.
  • It has Powerful API.
  • You can schedule your push notifications.
  • It supports Native Apps.
  • This plugin will provide the user to receive the notifications according to their choice.
  • No Charge for delivering the push notifications when the user does not use the third party server.

Price: Free and paid

So these are the 5 best WordPress Push Notifications Plugins for sending instant notifications.


You should use the WordPress Push Notifications Plugin because they will give you high engagement, sales, and traffic than Emails. If you are not using push-notifications then you should add early to your website.

You have not any budget then you should use the OneSignal Push Notification plugin otherwise use the PushCrew Paid plugin for your WordPress website.

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Tell us in the comment section, which plugin do you want to use for your Website.

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